[Image: Garden view]
As a classroom and laboratory for living plants, the SLU Knowledge Garden keeps detailed records on more than 1000 types of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and other plants.
The Garden Explorer can be used to access the latest information about our plants, similar to how a library search function helps you find books. Use the search bars below to find specific plants.
Don’t remember the name but have an idea of where the plant is located? Use the Map tab to locate specific areas in the Garden and see all the plants located in that area.
The Features tab can be used to find buildings, furniture, plaques and hardscape.

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Garden information
SLU Knowledge Garden is a facility for teaching and research of landscape architecture and horticulture at SLU in Uppsala, Sweden. It is also a space for recreation and inspiration – open to all.
For collection inquires or other questions please contact John Lööf Green, Park Manager